WWW Support

Our company is a pioneer in the field of innovative solutions. In 2005 we implemented a first copyright solution, the idea of which was to use an online database of screen templates that our customers could download and transfer to the purchased universal size film protectors. The solution was called WWW SUPPORT.

How does WWW SUPPORT work?

  • You purchase a selected universal size film at a store.
  • Together with the film, the packaging includes a special code that has to be entered in our website, in the WWW SUPPORT tab
  • When executing the code, you will be asked to select the device, for which the template is to be made available.
  • If the entered code is correct and the given device is in our database, you will be able to download the template of the screen in a PDF format (if you cannot find your device please get in touch with us – we will help).
  • The PDF file needs to be printed out, with the "fit to page" option marked. The printed template can be used to correctly cut the universal size film.

The online database with detailed templates of thousands of devices’ screens. The solution allows to adjust our universal size films, to perfectly match your device. It is extremely useful in the case of unusual devices. If you prefer a dedicated solution, please get familiar with our offer of dedicated films, perfectly cut to the shape of the screen thanks to the LAMEL Laser-Cut technology.