The first antibacterial hybrid glass HybridGLASS BacteriaFREE and CRYSTAL BacteriaFREE film

TÜV Rheinland confirmed the strong antibacterial properties of other materials from the MyScreen offer, the first HybridGLASS BacteriaFREE hybrid glass on the market and CRYSTAL BacteriaFREE antibacterial film .

These are, after the antiCRASH BacteriaFREE film, protective materials included in the new BacteriaFREE series – products that protect not only the screen and surfaces, but also the health of users.

HybridGLASS BacteriaFREE hybrid glass uses BacteriaFREE – ZINC OXIDE SHIELD technology in which the material has been enriched with zinc oxide .

Zinc oxide releases positive ions that attack bacteria and microbes, damaging them and consequently killing microorganisms with an efficiency of 99.4 to 99.9%.

Zinc oxide is contained in the entire cross-section of the material so that the antibacterial protection works for the entire time of use of the protection, around the clock, for the whole week .

This is especially important when we forget or cannot disinfect the phone.

Thanks to the real glass top layer, HybridGLASS glass has a scratch resistance of 8H.

An additional oleophobic layer makes it easier to clean the surface of fingerprints, smudges and dirt and makes it easier to slide your finger on the screen.

The high flexibility of this material makes it adheres very well to the surface, does not crack and its edges do not crumble. Thanks to this, it lasts longer.

The high quality of the material ensures that the displayed image remains clear and the colors are vivid.


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