If you have not found a film protection for your device in a store, or you do not know which one to go for, than our solution – VPSystem – is for you! VPSystem allows to sell a screen protector “to order”. At a point of sale you procure a coupon with a code and description of the product. At home you use the website to order a protection for your device model and we will send it to the indicated address without any additional charge!

Thanks to the VPSystem, as the seller, you gain additional advantages: you save on space and stock costs, as well as you can order protective films without MOQ. The system also gives you the opportunity to offer products for any device, unusual models or ones that cannot be found at the competition’s. You make a sale at your store and we deliver by mail. Advantages:

For the user

Access to the largest database of templates – this is where you will find exactly what you need.

For the partner

Increase of turnover without trade risk related to stock.

VP System in a couple of steps

Buy the film coupon in a store located in your neighbourhood (search for the VPSystem logo on the packaging). We have coupons for mobile phones, phablets and tablets in our offer. Pay attention for which device a given coupon is for.

You will not find any film in the packaging, what you will find is a special code that can be used at our website to order the right film for a particular device.

When placing an order on our website, provide the address, to which we will send the ordered film to. We will not add any additional charges for delivery of the film.