The combination of hybrid glass and anti-crash film boosts your screen resistance up to 100%

Impact Glass

Increases the screen resistance by 100%

!MPACT GLASS is the first and only screen protection product that combines the advantages of glass and anti-crash film. It offers superb anti-damage and anti-scratch resistance while it does not crack and the edges do not crumble like tempered glasses usually do.

  • 2 in 1 product – a combination of unbreakable glass as flexible as a film and anti-crash film as hard as a glass.
  • It lifts up anti-damage resistance up to 100%.
  • Superb scratch resistance (8H / 7Mohs)
  • Long-term protection: does not crack and does not crumble on the edges

(R)evolution in screen protection

MyScreen was the first brand launching anti-impact film and toughened glass in European market. Today we are taking another revolutionary step forward – introduction of !MPACT GLASS – the first product on the market that combines the advantages of glass and anti-impact film. Available for flat and rounded screens.

Scratch resistance 8H / 7 Mohs

!MPACT GLASS as a product derived from hybrid glass (advanced variant 2in1 in combination with anti-impact foil) is almost as much scratch-resistant as tempered glass and at the same time it avoids the disadvantages of the latter. !MPACT GLASS is unique solution in the market.

Long-term protection

!MPACT GLASS provides long-lasting protection. Unlike regular toughened glass, no cracks and no crumble on the edges

Safe and durable adhesion to the screen

No more hassle with curved-edge screens. The !MPACT GLASS flexibility and a high-quality adhesive layer make it firmly fixed to the screen.

Reliable anti-damage protection

Compared to regular tempered glass, !MPACT GLASS is undisputed winner. category.

Problems with toughened glass?

!MPACT GLASS is a screen protection that is not going to crack or chip and it is going to last much longer.

Scratch resistance

Scratch resistance !MPACT GLASS is 8H on the pencil scale and 7H on the Mohs scale.

High-quality oleophobic coating

Quick and easy removal of fingerprints and smudges while touch screen remains seamless.

A system that facilitates assembly

EasyApp® PLUG Easy and precise application thanks to the positioning USB plug. Available with selected MyScreen products available for Android and Apple devices.