Instructions for applying MyScreenPROTECTOR products
using EasyApp solutionsInstrukcja nakładania produktów MyScreenPROTECTOR

In every MyScreenPROTECTOR product you will find the EasyApp® set, which allows you to quickly and accurately apply the protection you have purchased to the screen or surface of the device. On packages containing EasyApp® you will find the right logo EasyApp® telling which type of system was included (KIT, KIT 3D, STICK, PLUG, FRAME).

We know that proper assembly of protection is not always a simple matter, especially for a person who does not do it professionally, that is why, in addition to the printed instruction, we provide video instruction at your disposal. As they say, one picture is worth a million words. We trust that with the help of video instructions, you will apply protection quickly and without error.

All the video instructions below, as well as many other interesting videos can be found on our youtube channel.

EasyApp® KIT

EasyApp® PLUG

EasyApp® FRAME

EasyApp® STICK