LAMEL Laser-Cut

We have been offering laser-cut products since 2009, since the moment a PET material appeared that was optimal to protect screens and to be processed by laser. Laser cutting gave us advantage over our competition. With this technology we were able to offer a better quality template of the shape of the screen and a more efficient logistic system, allowing for a faster supply of products in quantities that were smaller and safer for the business.



Learn advantages of our technology

Film and hybrid glass protectors that are laser-cut, include all necessary cut-outs and are better adjusted to the screen, as well as their edges do not have unpleasant irregularities. Unlike the protection manufactured with the die-cut technology, our products cover almost the entire surface of the device, which is important in the case of cured-edge screens. No shortcuts!



We can manufacture even a single piece of a film or hybrid glass!


Protection for the newest devices is available immediately after their premieres.


Our products include all necessary cut-outs: openings for cameras, sensors, speakers, etc.


Our protection covers the largest possible surface of a device.


We can supply our protective products in a variety of materials.


Limited Series? Specialist or rare models? We have a protection that satisfies your needs!

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