Goodness is back – a joint campaign by MyScreenPROTECTOR and Telakces

On October 1, 2020, together with our partner,, we are starting a charity campaign supporting patients of Polish medical facilities.

What will the campaign consist of and how to support it?

It is very easy. By going to you will be able to sterilize your phone or other small items with MyScreen UV Sterlilizer, absolutely free.

We will help you stay safe away from bacteria and viruses that cunningly accumulate on your devices, and you will support the activities of FOUNDATION MK 12.31 , which supports patients and their families. has a dynamically developing network of specialized stores with GSM phones and accessories. It has been operating since 2011 and currently there are over 200 stores throughout Poland.


Are you looking for a store in your area?
Use the points location map



Surely you are wondering what is phone sterilization and what is it for?

MyScreen UV Sterilizer was created to fight microorganisms on the surface of small objects using UVC radiation.

We are talking about the phone, keys, payment cards, money or masks, i.e. those items on which the most viruses, bacteria and fungi accumulate during the day.

UVC light neutralizes microorganisms with an efficiency of almost 100% – without the use of chemicals , safe for both the user and the device itself.

The MyScreen UV sterilizer , in addition to the sterilization function, has an aromatherapy function . Thanks to this function, you can refresh small items in a short time, giving them your favorite fragrance.