B2B support

The success of our brands depends both on the understanding of consumers’ needs and providing them with the right products and solutions, as well as on the trust and satisfaction of our business partners. After all, together with them we reach customers on six continents and if there is such a need we will reach the seventh one as well. It is the long-lasting and stable cooperation with them that allows us to build awareness and success of MyScreenPROTECTOR products around the globe.

With that in mind, we are aware how important honest and stable conditions, reasonable distribution and price policies, taking care of availability and attractiveness of the products, as well as content and marketing support are. Together with us:

Supply high quality products and solutions to your customers.
Be the first one to provide protection for new devices.
Offer protection for devices that the competition cannot.
Use our marketing.
Enjoy higher margins.
Educate users with us.


Feel free to contact with our sales department – LTsales@lamel.pl

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