In 1990, at Lamel, we noticed the need to create products and solutions that would satisfy the needs of mobile devices’ users. For 14 years we had been expanding our knowledge and expertise to be able, in 2004, to introduce to the market…




MyScreenPROTECTOR – a brand that offers a wide selection of glasses and films to protect screens, as well as products that secure the entire surface of mobile devices. Our first products were presented during the CEBIT trade fair in Hanover, in 2004.

Since the moment of its creation, MyScreenPROTECTOR offered solutions unavailable at other manufacturers. We had a simple idea in mind: to find the type of protection that will allow consumers to enjoy their devices for as long as possible, at the same time ensuring comfort of use and availability of models.

Solutions offered by MyScreenPROTECTOR are created based on the belief that our customers deserve the highest quality products.

Travel in time with MyScreenPROTECTOR

We perfectly understand the dilemmas of our customers, who are looking for a simple, effective and elegant protection for their favourites pieces of electronics. Together with the development of the brand, products of MyScreenPROTECTOR gained functionality to satisfy constantly evolving needs of demanding customers, at the same time maintaining high aesthetic standards.

When looking through the portfolio of MyScreenPROTECTOR, you will notice that apart from the standard protectors, we offer a lot of other, interesting solutions:

preventing fingerprints,
anti-bacterial protection,
protection against dust,
glare reduction,
harmful influence of the blue light
or privacy filters.

And that is not all! Especially that we do not lack new ideas and motivation to bring them to life.

We are fully aware that in order to create a good name for a brand, we must provide the best materials, the simplest methods of application and do that before the others do.

We were the first ones to introduce the anticrash film and tempered glass to the Polish market. We have not slowed down and we undertake further revolutionary steps and would like you to accompany us. Our advantages have always been innovative ideas and technologies. The most significant ones are:


In 2005, instead of dedicated film protectors, we introduced to the market universal size film protectors, to be self-cut.


In 2009 we offered the possibility of buying a voucher, being a special coupon with a code that allows to order a product for any device, directly from the manufacturer, should such a product be unavailable in the stationary store.

LAMEL Laser-Cut

The unique technology of precision laser cutting allows for a detailed transfer of the shape of the screen to the film and other materials, including all cut-outs and openings.

Global image

We participate in majority of the global mobile technology exhibitions. We present our products at the most prestigious, international trade fairs.


Travel through MyScreenPROTECTOR ideas

We are the leading, European manufacturer of protection solutions for screens and bodies of electronic devices. Thanks to the work of our team, protection of screens of smartphones, tablets and other devices, like navigations, laptops or professional equipment with screens and lenses, is no mystery to us. It is our speciality! We ensure:


The widest selection of products and model variants on the market.

Research and development

CNC manufacturing technology ensures a perfect match to the screen/surface.

LAMEL Laser-Cut

Precise and quick technology of laser cutting that guarantees to provide orders without MOQ.

Innovative solutions

From materials, through the technology of laser cutting of very detailed templates, to the application and distribution systems.

Versatile protection

Protection against scratches, damage, fingerprints, bacteria, dust, reflections, harmful influence of blue light, access to data being displayed in the screen from the perspective of third persons.

Safe and easy to use

Simple application without air bubbles. Protection that is easy to remove and leaves no marks on the screen.

A journey in space with MyScreenPROTECTOR

We are proud that our products reach from Poland to millions of users on the six continents and that we can be met at the most important mobile trade fairs, being organized around the world:

  • IFA (Berlin)
  • MWC (Barcelona, Shanghai, San Francisco)
  • CES (Las Vegas)
  • Global Sources (Hong Kong)
  • CeBit (Hannover)
  • Gitex (Dubai)
  • Distree Events (Monaco, Singapore, Moscow)
  • i wielu innych.

Thank you for the trust and recognition!

The awards we collected over the years make us happy not only because they decorate our desks but because they acknowledge the trust and recognition for our work and engagement.