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3D Expert


3D Expert is the first protective film on the market, made from a TPU-based material that does not result in the "orange skin effect" and is pleasant to touch. It covers the entire surface of a curved-edge screen, from edge to edge.

What is 3D Expert?


3D Expert – advantages

Protects the curved screen from edge to edge.
No "orange skin" effect and the matte, rubbery feeling.
Nearly invisible on the screen.

3D Expert – EDGE 3D technology

Thanks to our "Lamel Laser CUT" and "EDGE 3D" technologies, the 3D Expert film protector was optimally adjusted to the shape of the entire screen. It is a specialist solution dedicated to curved-edge screens that allows to avoid commonly encountered problems with adhesion to the curved edge and the touchscreen functions.

3D Expert EDGE 3D

3D Expert vs tempered glass

3D Expert vs tempered glass

  • smooth, undisturbed movement of fingers along edges of the screen
  • nearly unnoticeable (visually and when touched)
  • easy to maintain clean
3D Expert vs tempered glass

  • with some models (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S8), when moving along the edge, the finger may stop due to uneven edges of some tempered glass protectors
  • clearly noticeable (visually and when touched)
  • difficult to maintain clean due to the accumulation of dirt around the edges


3D Expert includes the self-healing function. It means that any minor scratches will disappear after a given time, usually after 24 hours. Thanks to that you can longer enjoy using the smooth surface of the 3D Expert.

3D Expert Self-Healing

Aesthetic and smooth

The new material, in combination with the oleophobic surface, provides the unbelievable feeling of smoothness and makes the film almost unnoticeable on the screen.

3D Expert sensivity silk touch

High quality oleophobic surface

Quick and easy removal of fingerprints and smudges. It does not affect the touchscreen functions.

3D Expert easy to clean oleophobic surface

LAMEL Laser-Cut

LAMEL Laser-Cut

The unique technology of precision laser cutting, designed by our company, allows for a precise transfer of the shape of a given screen to the protection film, including all cut-outs, openings, etc.

  • Cut-outs for cameras, sensors, etc.
  • Protection of a larger surface
  • Better adjustment to the shape of the screen

Easy to apply

EasyApp PLUG

EasyApp PLUG

EasyApp® PLUG EasyApp® PLUG Easy and precise application with the USB positioning plug. The solution is available with selected MyScreenPROTECTOR products for Android and IOS devices.


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